Pet Heroes Dog Grooming

We want to be your pet's hero!

Dog Grooming

  • Bathing and Brushing
  • Rounding Feet
  • Trimming around the face
  • Trimming/ filing nails
  • Trimming sanitary area
  • Expressing anal glands
  • Cleaning ears
  • Express grooming
  • Boarding and daycare.

We also groom cats!

Two Locations to Serve You!

5360 N.Mesa St. El Paso , Texas  79912

6304 Edgemere Blvd.  El Paso, Texas   79925

1 review

  1. BE WARNED: How They Treat Your Dogs (ROUGH)

    I brought Molly in to be groomed. When I picked her up, she was limping. Star acted like she didn’t know what was wrong. I inspected her foot when I got home only to find that Star cut two of her nails and the side of her pad on the right rear foot. She lied to me and denied knowing about it, and they told me that her nails on the back paws didn’t need to be trimmed (nails nor hair were trimmed) yet she trimmed nails AND hair on the front paws…. HMMMM. Then, I called the owner and complained. He said that Star told him that she injured herself trying to get out of the kennel… so she lied to him, as well. Dogs don’t try to paw with their back feet!!! I took her to the vet for $149 bill. They never refunded the groomer’s expense after texting and texting, Raymond, owner, only IGNORED ME even after showing him a copy of my vet bill that clearly stated PAW INJURY. See the photos below. Had to dispute the charge… All this after going there for two (2) years!!!! I sat in the vet’s office for nearly 2 hours, and one other lady said she brought her dogs to Pet Heroes but saw how they were being “man handled” (handled roughly) and took her dogs back and would not let them groom them…. smart girl! It has now been three (3) weeks and Molly is limping on the other side. She limped on the right/injured paw side for 1 week, and now has been limping on the other side for over 2 weeks… so now I have to pay more money to take her to a chiropractor…. or another vet…. to figure out what is STILL HURT so that she stops crying and is out of pain. Thanks guys. Jerks!!!!! I thought they hated me, or people, but now I learn they hate dogs, too. Were always rude to me, or short, like I didn’t matter. BE WARNED!!!!!

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El Paso 79912 TX US
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