El Paso Concealed Carry

Exercise your 2nd Ammendment Right!

Firearm and Safety Instruction

Firearms instructor Samuel Morgan is founder, instructor, and operator of El Paso Concealed Carry. Exercise your 2nd Ammendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Earn your Texas License to Carry by a true expert in the field.

El Paso Concealed Carry empowers and educates students in the fundamentals of firearm safety and training, Texas Concealed Handgun Laws, Self Protection, and the Use of Force.


Mr. Morgan is not the stereotypical CHL instructor.

  • Adjunct Professor (formerly Director) of Webster University Fort Bliss Campus, one of Webster’s largest Satellite campuses
  • Retired U.S. Army Major, honorably discharged after 21 years of service in Special Forces
  • Holder of Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees in  Business Management.
  • Currently completing a Doctorate in Education
  • Former CHL and LTC students include business people, doctors, attorneys, and judges
  • Certified Instructor by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) #1660753
  • National Rifle Association Instructor (NRA)

Learn to protect your self, family, business, and community legally and safely. Call now to learn about available courses today.


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