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Enviro-Master’s restroom hygiene services in El Paso, TX ensures that restrooms are protected against common disease and viruses. Restrooms are a breeding ground for numerous infectious germs and bacteria. These germs are spread by the constant use of restroom facilities by customers and employees. Hard surfaces act like sponges. They contain microscopic pores which trap water, organic and inorganic soil which, in turn, produce germ spreading bacteria on the surface of restroom fixtures. No matter how much you clean your porcelain restroom fixtures with ordinary cleansers, you cannot remove the germs and bacteria trapped within their microscopic pores.

The Solution: In our restroom hygiene services, Enviro-Master of El Paso’s trained technicians use chemicals which are specifically designed to remove germs and bacteria from the surface and within the microscopic pores of porcelain restroom fixtures. We scrape and scale all fixtures to remove the uric acid build up, including the hard-to-reach areas beneath fixtures to ensure a complete cleaning. Critically, our chemicals clean and kill the germs and bacteria trapped within the microscopic pores of porcelain fixtures. Enviro-Master of El Paso’s clients have cleaner and more disease-free restrooms because we work in conjunction with existing cleaning staff to do what they cannot!

Enviro-Master also will supply and install paper towels, soap on  a weekly basis, saving businesses 10% – 100% of the cost of these supplies. No stocking, waste, or pilfering.

According to studies, public restrooms are a top concern for customers, especially in restaurants. Call owner/operator Tomas Hernandez today for a free evaluation of your company restrooms. No obligation.

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