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Let me help you with your traffic ticket and warrant issues in both the City of El Paso Tx. (Municipal) and the county courts aka Justice of the Peace. When you recieve a traffic ticket from the City of El Paso you usually have 30 days to pay your traffic citation or enter a plea. Justice of the Peace courts is usually 10 days to enter your plea. If you don’t make the appearance a warrant will be issued for your arrest and your fines will increase. Many drivers don’t have the time to fight their traffic tickets. They also believe hiring a traffic ticket attorney is too expensive, so they pay the fine. That is not the wisest course of action. Paying an El Paso Police Department Citation or Sheriffs ticket can have bad consequences. A conviction is added to your driving record. You insurance company may find out about the speeding ticket and can and most likely raise your insurance rates. It is usually a prudent choice to consult with a lawyer for traffic tickets. The Law Office of Robert Joseph Truhill has provided thousands of motorists with successful outcomes with their tickets in El Paso Tx. courts. Having an excellent driving record is no accident. Having an expereinced lawyer by your side is key to a successful outcome when recieving a citation from traffic courts. Many El Pasoans may not even know they have outstanding warrants. Click my warrant check button below to see if you have outstanding warrants for traffic tickets. I have been handling traffic tickets for many years and many lawyers hire me to handle traffic tickets for their clients.

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